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Malmö Mosque

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Title: Malmö Mosque  
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Subject: Islam in Sweden, Malmö, Mosques in Sweden, Places of worship destroyed by arson, 2009–10 Malmö shootings
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Malmö Mosque

Malmö Mosque

The Malmö Mosque (

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The charter school is called Ögårdsskolan and was opened in 2000. It follows the Swedish curriculum but has an Islamic orientation. It is open for everyone. As of 2013, the school has 227 students from preschool class to primary school until age class six of nine.[7]


There are over 130 languages spoken among the members of the organization.[6]

The mosque is well-attended, both by Muslims from Scania and Copenhagen, Denmark.[1] Today, the mosque is too small to satisfy the needs of the Muslim community in the city and region, which according to the Islamic Center stand at 45,000 and 100,000, respectively.[2] Around 1,000 individuals attend the Friday prayers, and the mosque accommodates over 70,000 visitors per year..[6]

The mosque and the school

Capacity and community size

The serial shooter Peter Mangs, who were responsible for the 2009–10 Malmö shootings, was convicted for attempted murder on an imam in the mosque on 31 December 2009.[5] He fired several shots against a window but missed his target, though the imam got hit by broken glass.[5]

There have been several attacks against the mosque. One of them, an arson attack in 2003, damaged the mosque and totally destroyed other buildings at the Islamic Center.[3] The restoration cost was 17 million Swedish kronor.[4] There were two smaller arson attacks in 2005[3] and the last of them cost 1 million Swedish kronor. No one was arrested for the attacks in 2003 and 2005.[4] Between then (October 2005) and the reopening in 2004, there were at least 20 other cases of sabotage.[4]


The idea of building a mosque in Malmö arouse already in the beginning in the 1960s but the zoning for the construction started in the late 1970s. The construction started in April 1983 The initiator of the project was Bejzat Becirov and as of 2013, he is still the chief executive officer. Malmö Municipality was helpful by sparing a big plot of land of 32,000 square metres. After some standard procedures such as archaeological excavations, the construction started in April 1983. The mosque was inaugurated on 20 April 1984 and the first Friday prayers were held that day.[2]



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There have been several attacks against the mosque, including an arson attack on 28 April 2003, which damaged the mosque and totally destroyed other buildings at the Islamic Center.

, which is also run by the Islamic Center. charter school Adjacent to the mosque is a [1]

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