Men's 5000 metres European record progression

The following table shows the European record progression in the men's 5000 metres running event, as ratified by the EAA.[1][2]

Hand timing

Time Athlete Nationality Venue Date
14:36.6 Hannes Kolehmainen Finland Stockholm, Sweden July 10, 1912
14:35.4 (a) Paavo Nurmi Finland Stockholm, Sweden September 12, 1922
14:28.2 Paavo Nurmi Finland Helsinki, Finland June 19, 1924
14:17.0 (b) Lauri Lehtinen Finland Helsinki, Finland June 19, 1932
14:08.8 Taisto Mäki Finland Helsinki, Finland June 16, 1939
13:58.2 (c) Gunder Hägg Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden September 20, 1942
13:57.2 Emil Zátopek Czech Republic Paris, France May 30, 1954
13:56.6 Vladimir Kuts Soviet Union Bern, Switzerland August 29, 1954
13:51.6 Christopher Chataway United Kingdom London, England October 13, 1954
13:51.2 Vladimir Kuts Soviet Union Prague, Czechoslovakia October 23, 1954
13:50.8 Sándor Iharos Hungary Budapest, Hungary September 10, 1955
13:46.8 Vladimir Kuts Soviet Union Belgrade, Yugoslavia September 18, 1955
13:40.6 Sándor Iharos Hungary Budapest, Hungary October 23, 1955
13:36.8 Gordon Pirie United Kingdom Bergen, Norway June 19, 1956
13:35.0 Vladimir Kuts Soviet Union Rome, Italy October 13, 1957
13:34.4 Michel Jazy France Lorient, France June 6, 1965
13:29.0 Michel Jazy France Paris, France June 11, 1965
13:27.6 Michel Jazy France Helsinki, Finland June 30, 1965
13:24.8 Harald Norpoth West Germany Cologne, West Germany September 7, 1966
13:22.8 Ian Stewart United Kingdom Edinburgh, Scotland July 25, 1970
13:22.2 David Bedford United Kingdom Edinburgh, Scotland June 12, 1971
13:17.2 (d) David Bedford United Kingdom London, England July 14, 1972
13:16.4 (e) Lasse Virén Finland Helsinki, Sweden September 14, 1972
13:13.0 Emiel Puttemans Belgium Brussels, Belgium September 20, 1972

(a) Timed at 14:35.3 but rounded for record ratification
(b) Timed at 14:16.9 but rounded for record ratification
(c) Timed at 13:58.1 but rounded for record ratification
(d) Timed at 13:17.21 but rounded for record ratification
(e) Timed at 13:16.3 but rounded for record ratification

Automatic timing

Time Athlete Nationality Venue Date
13:10.40 Hansjörg Kunze East Germany Rieti, Italy September 9, 1981
13:00.41 David Moorcroft United Kingdom Oslo, Norway July 7, 1982
12:54.70 Dieter Baumann Germany Zurich, Switzerland August 13, 1997
12:49.71 Mohammed Mourhit Belgium Brussels, Belgium August 26, 2000


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