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Men's 50 kilometres walk world record progression

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Title: Men's 50 kilometres walk world record progression  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of world records in athletics, Raúl González (athlete), Abdon Pamich, Women's 20 kilometres walk world record progression, Athletics record progressions
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Men's 50 kilometres walk world record progression

The following table shows the World Record Progression in the Men's 50 km Walk, as recognised by the IAAF.[1]

World Record Progression

Time Athlete Date Place
4:40:15  Hermann Müller (GER) 1921-09-07 Munich, Germany
4:36:22  Karl Hähnel (GER) 1924-09-24 Berlin, Germany
4:34:03  Paul Sievert (GER) 1924-10-05 Munich, Germany
4:30:22  Romano Vecchietti (ITA) 1928-09-16 Rome, Italy
4:26:41  Edgar Bruun (NOR) 1936-06-28 Oslo, Norway
4:24:47  Viggo Ingvorsen (DEN) 1941-08-17 Odense, Denmark
4:23:40  Josef Doležal (TCH) 1946-08-04 Poděbrady, Czechoslovakia
4:23:14  Josef Doležal (TCH) 1952-08-24 Poděbrady, Czechoslovakia
4:20:30  Vladimir Ukhov (URS) 1952-08-29 Leningrad, Soviet Union
4:16:06  Josef Doležal (TCH) 1954-09-12 Poděbrady, Czechoslovakia
4:07:29  Anatoliy Yegorov (URS) 1955-11-17 Tbilisi, Soviet Union
4:05:13  Grigoriy Klimov (URS) 1956-08-10 Moscow, Soviet Union
4:03:53  Anatoliy Vedyakov (URS) 1959-08-13 Moscow, Soviet Union
4:03:02  Abdon Pamich (ITA) 1960-10-16 Ponte San Pietro, Italy
4:01:39  Grigoriy Klimov (URS) 1961-08-17 Leningrad, Soviet Union
4:00:50  Mikhail Lavrov (URS) 1961-09-05 Kazan, Soviet Union
3:55:36  Gennadiy Agapov (URS) 1965-10-17 Alma Ata, Soviet Union
3:52:45  Bernd Kannenberg (GDR) 1972-05-27 Bremen, West Germany
3:45:52  Raúl González (MEX) 1978-04-23 Mixhuca, Mexico
3:41:20  Raúl González (MEX) 1978-06-11 Poděbrady, Czechoslovakia
3:40:46  Josep Marín (ESP) 1983-03-13 Valencia, Spain
3:38:31  Ronald Weigel (GDR) 1984-07-20 Berlin, Germany
3:38:17  Ronald Weigel (GDR) 1986-05-25 Potsdam, Germany
3:37:41  Andrey Perlov (URS) 1989-08-05 Leningrad, Soviet Union
3:37:26  Valeriy Spitsyn (RUS) 2000-05-21 Moscow, Russia
3:36:39  Robert Korzeniowski (POL) 2002-08-08 Munich, Germany
3:36:03  Robert Korzeniowski (POL) 2003-08-27 Paris, France
3:35:47  Nathan Deakes (AUS) 2006-12-02 Geelong, Australia
3:34:14  Denis Nizhegorodov (RUS) 2008-05-11 Cheboksary, Russia


The 3:35:29 by Russia's Denis Nizhegorodov set in Cheboksary on June 13, 2004 was not ratified by the IAAF as a World Record because no EPO test was carried out afterwards.

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