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Ministry of Finance (Ukraine)

Ministry of Finance
of Ukraine
Міністерство фінансів України
Coat of arms of Ukraine
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Ukraine
Headquarters 12/2 Mykhailo Hrushevsky Street, Kiev
Minister responsible Oleksandr Shlapak[1], Minister of Finance of Ukraine
Parent agency Cabinet of Ministers
Child agencies State treasury service
State customs service
State tax service
others (see article)

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Міністерство фінансів України) was created in 1991 soon after Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union. It is the main body in the system of central bodies of executive power in insuring the realization of a single state financial, budgetary, taxation, and customs policies as well as the policy in the sphere of state internal financial control, issuing and conducting lotteries, development and production of holographic protective elements.[2] It is usually abbreviated as minfin or MOF. The ministry manages its sphere of operations and is fully responsible for its development.


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Aside of the main body of the agency (multiple departments) there are six other special state services subordinated to the minfin:

  • State treasury service
  • State assay service
  • State service of financial monitoring
  • State financial inspection

Note: State tax service and State customs service were transformed into the Ministry of Revenues and Dues (Ukraine).

Supporting establishments

  • Scientific-researching financial institute
  • State gemological center of Ukraine
  • State repository of precious metals and stones
  • Museum of decorative and precious stones

Main duties

  • State financial control and accountability
  • State budget financing through its treasury services
  • Issuing and conducting state lotteries
  • Organization and control over production of securities
  • Extraction, production, exploitation, and safekeeping of precious metals and precious stones, precious stones of organogenic origin and semi-precious stones, their circulation and accounability
  • Prevention and counteracting to money laundering and financing of terrorism

List of Ministers of Finance

Name of parent agency Name of minister Term of Office
Start End
General Secretariat of Ukraine Khrystofor Baranovsky June 15, 1917 January 30, 1918
Council of People's Ministers Stepan Perepelytsya January 30, 1918 February 1918
Petro Klymovych February 1918 April 29, 1918
Council of Ministers (1918) Anton Rzhepitskiy April 30, 1918 December 14, 1918
Council of People's Ministers Vasyl Mazurenko December 26, 1918 January 1919
Borys Martos January 1919 February 13, 1919
Mykhailo Kryvetsky February 13, 1919 April 9, 1919
Borys Martos April 9, 1919 May 25, 1920
Khrystofor Baranovsky May 28, 1920 November 21, 1920
People's Secretariat Stanislav Kosior March 1918 April 1918
Joachim Vatsetis 1918 September 1918
Mikhail Bogolyepov November 28, 1918 1918
Temporary Government of
Peasants and Workers
Fridrikh Zemit 1918 1919
People's Secretariat Mykola Lytvynenko 1922 1923
Stepan Kuznyetsov 1923 1925
Mykhailo Poloz 1925 1930
Oleksandr Rekis 193? 193?
Mykola Kurach 1937 1944
Heorhiy Sakhnovsky 1944 1951
Mykola Shchetinin 1954 1954
Cabinet of Ministers of UkrSSR Anatoly Baranovsky 1961 August 22, 1979
Vasyl Kozeruk August 22, 1979 March 6, 1987
Ivan Zabrodin March 6, 1987 1990
Ivan Zaichuk 1990 1990
Oleksandr Kovalenko August 2, 1990 August 24, 1990
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Oleksandr Kovalenko August 24, 1990 October 29, 1991
Hryhoriy Piatachenko October 29, 1991 July 6, 1994
Petro Hermanchuk July 6, 1994 June 18, 1996
Valentyn Koronevsky June 18, 1996 February 25, 1997
Ihor Mityukov February 26, 1997 December 27, 2001
Ihor Yushko December 27, 2001 November 26, 2002
Mykola Azarov November 26, 2002 February 3, 2005
Viktor Pynzenyk February 4, 2005 August 4, 2006
Mykola Azarov August 4, 2006 December 18, 2007
Viktor Pynzenyk December 18, 2007 February 17, 2009
Ihor Umansky (acting) April 8, 2009 March 11, 2010
Fedir Yaroshenko[3] March 11, 2010 January 18, 2012[4]
Valeriy Khoroshkovsky[4] January 18, 2012 February 22, 2012[5]
Yuriy Kolobov[6] February 28, 2012[6] Present[6]

See also


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External links

  • Official Website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergencies
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