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Monatomic ion

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Title: Monatomic ion  
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Subject: Salt (chemistry), Ion, Polyatomic ion, List of Greek words with English derivatives
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Monatomic ion

A monatomic ion is an ion consisting of a single atom. If an ion contains more than one atom, even if these atoms are of the same element, it is called a polyatomic ion.[1] For example, calcium carbonate consists of the monatomic ion Ca2+ and the polyatomic ion CO32-.

A type I binary ionic compound contains a metal (cation) that forms only one type of ion. A type II ionic compound contains a metal that forms more than one type of ion, i.e., ions with different charges.

Common type I cations
Hydrogen H+
Lithium Li+
Sodium Na+
Potassium K+
Rubidium Rb+
Cesium Cs+
Magnesium Mg2+
Calcium Ca2+
Strontium Sr2+
Barium Ba2+
Aluminium Al3+
Silver Ag+
Zinc Zn2+
Common type II cations
iron(II) Fe2+ ferrous
iron(III) Fe3+ ferric
copper(II) Cu2+ cupric
copper(I) Cu+ cuprous
Common anions
hydride H
fluoride F
chloride Cl
bromide Br
iodide I
oxide O2−
sulfide S2−
nitride N3−
phosphide P3−

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