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Title: Odebrecht  
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Subject: List of Brazilians by net worth, Odebrecht Foundation, Odebrecht, Norberto Odebrecht, Metrocable (Caracas)
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Odebrecht Organization
Privately held company
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1944
Founders Norberto Odebrecht
Headquarters Salvador, Brazil
Key people
Marcelo Odebrecht, (CEO)
Products Construction, Engineering, Aerospace, Environmental Engineering, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Utilities, Ethanol, Real estate, Infrastructure, Defense, Transportation, and others
Revenue Increase US$ 31.0 billion (2014)
Increase US$ 207.6 million (2013)
Number of employees
Subsidiaries Construtora Norberto Odebrecht
Odebrecht Oil and Gas
Foz do Brasil
Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias
Odebrecht Infraestrutura
Odebrecht Agroindustrial,
Odebrecht Administradora E Corretora De Seguros
Odeprev Odebrecht Previdência
Odebrecht Foundation,
Odebrecht Energia

Odebrecht Organization is a Brazilian conglomerate consisting of diversified businesses in the fields of engineering, construction, chemicals and petrochemicals. The company was founded in 1944 in Salvador da Bahia by Norberto Odebrecht, and is now present in South America, Central America, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Its leading company is Norberto Odebrecht Construtora.[2]

Odebrecht S.A. is a holding company for Construtora Norberto Odebrecht S.A., the biggest engineering and contracting company in Latin America, and Braskem S.A., the largest petrochemicals producer in Latin America and one of Brazil's five largest private-sector manufacturing companies. Odebrecht controls Braskem, the fifth largest in the world, with exports to 60 countries in all continents of the world. By revenue Braskem is the fourth largest petrochemical company in the Americas and the seventeenth in the world.


  • 1944–1945: Norberto Odebrecht establishes a privately owned firm, the founding milestone for the Odebrecht Group. The firm becomes Norberto Odebrecht Construtora Ltda.
  • 1957–1965: Norberto Odebrecht pays off all debts owned by Emílio Odebrecht & Cia (his father’s company). The company changes its name to Construtora Norberto Odebrecht S.A.
  • 1970–1973: The Odebrecht Foundation is created, focusing on providing social security benefits to Odebrecht employees. Also, Odebrecht undertakes major construction projects in the southeast of Brazil.
  • 1979–1980: Odebrecht goes international and starts to diversify its business. CBPO merges with the Odebrecht Group.
  • 1981: Odebrecht S.A. is created.
  • 1990: Odebrecht enters the U.S. market and becomes the first Brazilian contractor to win a U.S. federal government contract.
  • 1999: Odebrecht focuses on sustainable development of micro regions in Brazil’s northeast, and marks 40 years of contributions to Brazilian art and culture.
  • 2000: Odebrecht is ranked as Latin America's top engineering and construction company and one of the world's 30 largest service exporters by Engineering News-Record.
  • 2002: Odebrecht establishes Braskem as Latin America’s largest petrochemical producer. The group reaches the milestones of 1,000 members within 25 years of service.
  • 2004–2007: The Odebrecht Group celebrates its 60th anniversary. ETH Bioenergy is established to produce sugar ethanol, sugar and energy.

Corporate structures

  • Odebrecht Energia (energy) – Invests, constructs and manages projects in the Latin American electric sector, such as hydroelectric, thermoelectric and nuclear power plants. Emphasis is made on projects in Brazil, Peru and Colombia.
  • Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial (industrial engineering) – Constructs and assembles industrial facilities in Brazil and abroad, serving clients from a range of different sectors.
  • Odebrecht Infraestrutura (infrastructure) – Completes important projects in the transport, sanitation, sports arena and irrigation sectors in Brazil.
  • Odebrecht América Latina & Angola (Latin America and Angola) – Leads investments and construction projects in regions that served as the pioneers for Odebrecht’s international expansion.
  • Odebrecht Venezuela – Invests and completes projects in the infrastructure, real estate, industrial, oil and gas, petrochemical and food security sectors in the country.
  • Odebrecht International – Gathers Members of 65 different nationalities, maintaining a unique quality standard and respecting the unique characteristics of each region.
  • Odebrecht Óleo e Gás S.A. (oil and gas) – Explores and produces oil and gas fields, operates rigs and provides integrated services for other companies from the sector.
  • Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias S.A. (real estate developments) – Develops residential, business, commercial and tourism ventures.
  • Foz do Brasil S.A. – Provides water supply and waste treatment services.
  • ETH Bioenergia S.A. – Produces alcohol fuel (ethanol), electricity and sugar using sugarcane.
  • Brasken S.A. – Produces raw materials in an integrated fashion, including ethane, propane and chlorine, as well as second-generation petrochemical products, such as thermoplastic resins.
  • Odebrecht Participações e Investimentos – Leads the company’s operations in diversified infrastructure sectors, investing in transportation and logistics, energy, sports arenas and irrigation.
  • Odebrecht Administradora e Corretora de Seguros Ltda. – Protects the assets of shareholders by identifying, mitigating and managing risks.
  • Odeprev – Designs and operates supplementary pension plans for Odebrecht Organization members, preparing them for retirement.
  • Fundação Odebrecht (foundation) – Promotes youths’ education for life, through work and for values, as well as the sustainable development of productive chains.


2009 Engineering News-Record magazine rankings
  • No. 18 The Top 225 International Contractors
  • No. 34 The Top 225 Global Contractors
  • No. 1 Hydro Plants
  • No. 4 Sewerage and Solid Waste
  • No. 4 Water Supply
  • No. 1 Sanitary and Storm Sewers
  • No. 5 Pipelines
  • No. 5 Water Treatment and Desalinization
  • No. 12 Transportation
  • No. 5 Bridges
  • No. 7 Highways
  • No. 9 Mass Transit
  • No. 6 Airports

Notable projects



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