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Paul Henry and Prosper Henry

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Title: Paul Henry and Prosper Henry  
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Subject: List of astronomers, Offline reports/This article links to a redirect back to itself, Paul Henry, Henry (Martian crater), Henry Frères (crater)
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Paul Henry and Prosper Henry

Asteroids discovered: 14 (7 each)
125 Liberatrix 11 September 1872 Prosper Henry
126 Velleda 5 November 1872 Paul Henry
127 Johanna 5 November 1872 Prosper Henry
141 Lumen 13 January 1875 Paul Henry
148 Gallia 7 August 1875 Prosper Henry
152 Atala 2 November 1875 Paul Henry
154 Bertha 4 November 1875 Prosper Henry
159 Aemilia 26 January 1876 Paul Henry
162 Laurentia 21 April 1876 Prosper Henry
164 Eva 12 July 1876 Paul Henry
169 Zelia 28 September 1876 Prosper Henry
177 Irma 5 November 1877 Paul Henry
186 Celuta 6 April 1878 Prosper Henry
227 Philosophia 12 August 1882 Paul Henry

Paul-Pierre Henry (Paul Henry) (21 August 1848 – 4 January 1905) and his brother Prosper-Mathieu Henry (Prosper Henry) (10 December 1849 – 25 July 1903) were French opticians and astronomers.

They made refracting telescopes and instruments for observatories, and were involved in the origin of the Carte du Ciel project.

Between the two of them, they discovered a total of 14 asteroids. The Minor Planet Center credits their discoveries under "P.P. Henry" and "P.M. Henry", respectively. The lunar crater Henry Frères is named after them jointly, as is Henry Crater on Mars. They were jointly awarded the first Valz Prize in 1877 for their sky charts designed to facilitate the search for minor planets.[1] [2]


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    • Prosper Henry 1.2
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Paul Henry

  • (1905) 223/224167AN (German)
  • (1905) 34965MNRAS
  • (1905) 11028Obs
  • (1905) 7717PASP (one paragaraph)

Prosper Henry

  • (1903) 381/382163AN (French)
  • (1904) 29664MNRAS
  • (1903) 39626Obs (one paragraph)
  • (1903) 23015PASP


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