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Peng (surname)

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Title: Peng (surname)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of common Chinese surnames, Punti, Chinese Indonesian surname, Wei (surname), History of Hong Kong
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Peng (surname)

Peng surname in regular script
Pronunciation Péng (Mandarin)
Pang (Cantonese)
Phàng (Hakka)
Phêⁿ, Phîⁿ (Minnan)
Language(s) Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean
Language(s) Old Chinese
Word/Name China
Derivation Peng Zu
Meaning drum beats
Other names
Variant(s) Peng (Mandarin)
Pang, Phang (Cantonese, Hakka)
Peh (Teochew)
Phi, Phe (Hokkien)
Banh (Vietnamese)
Pangestu (Indonesian)
Derivative(s) =

Peng (Chinese: 彭; pinyin: Péng), alternative form of romanizations includes Pang and Phang (Cantonese, Hakka), Pangestu or Pangestoe (Indonesian), Banh (Vietnamese) is a common Chinese family name, ranking 35th most common in 2006.


The character (彭) is composed of 壴 (zhǔ meaning "drum") and a pictograph (shān representing "beats"). More commonly used as a surname, this character is also an adjective, meaning "big".[1]


The surname Peng (彭) is traced to the legend of Peng Zu (彭祖), God of Longevity, who legend tells lived 800 years. During the Shang Dynasty, Jian Keng, a descendent of Zhuanxu (顓頊), was granted the feudal territory Dapeng (大彭, or Land of Peng), and later adopted the name, Peng Zu.[2][3]



Outside of China, for example people with the surname Paeng (Hangul: 팽) in Korea are rumoured amongst the Chinese communities to be distantly related to some of the northeastern Chinese with the surname Péng, who migrated into the Korean peninsula several decades ago. This is often accompanied with the fact that many Koreans with the surname Paeng are ethnic Chinese descents or in some cases, mixed Chinese-Korean as the surname Paeng is uncommon among Korean people.

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