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Philippine Open (golf)


Philippine Open (golf)

The Philippine Open is one of the world's longest running men's golf tournaments. First held in 1913, it is also Asia's oldest golf tournament and Asia's oldest national golf open. The most distinguished golfer who has won the tournament is five times British Open champion Peter Thomson of Australia.

The event has been held in a variety of different golf courses around the Philippines and has been an official money event on the Asian Tour since 1994. In March 2006 the National Golf Association of the Philippines granted all marketing rights for the tournament from 2006 to 2010 to the Asian Tour, which announced an aspiration to increase the prize fund from the 2006 level of US$200,000 to $1 million. [1] In 2014, the prize fund was $300,000.


Year Venue Champion Country Winning Score
2014 Wack Wack G&CC Marcus Both  Australia 282 (−6)
2013 No tournament
2012 Wack Wack G&CC Mardan Mamat  Singapore 280 (−8)
2011 Wack Wack G&CC Berry Henson  United States 283 (−5)
2010 Valley Golf & Country Club Artemio Murakami  Philippines 277 (−11)
2009 Mount Malarayat G&CC Elmer Salvador  Philippines 271 (−17)
2008 Wack Wack G&CC Angelo Que  Philippines 283 (−5)
2007 Wack Wack G&CC Frankie Miñoza  Philippines 278 (−10)
2006 Wack Wack G&CC Scott Strange  Australia 280 (−8)
2005 Mount Malayarat G&CC Adam Le Vesconte  Australia 272 (−12)
2004 Riviera G&CC Edward Michaels  United States 282 (−2)
2003 No tournament
2002 Wack Wack G&CC Rick Gibson  Canada
2001 Wack Wack G&CC Felix Casas  Philippines
2000 Riviera G&CC Gerald Rosales  Philippines
1999 Manila Southwoods G&CC Anthony Kang  South Korea 273
1998 Riviera G&CC Frankie Miñoza  Philippines
1997 Kevin Wentworth  United States 259
1996 Manila Southwoods G&CC Rob Whitlock  Australia 278
1995 Carlos Espinosa  Mexico 282
1994 Manila Southwoods G&CC Carlos Franco  Paraguay 280
1993 Yeh Chang-Ting  Taiwan
1992 Wang Ter-chang  Taiwan
1991 Valley Golf & Country Club Dennis Paulson  United States
1990 Robert Pactolerin  Philippines
1989 Emlyn Aubrey  United States
1988 Hsieh Chin Seng  Taiwan
1987 Wack Wack G & CC Brian Tennyson  United States
1986 Villamor Golf Club Mario Manubay  Philippines 280 (−8)
1985 Mark Aebli  United States
1984 Rudy Labares  Philippines
1983 Valley Golf & Country Club Lu Hsi-chuen  Taiwan
1982 Hsieh Min-Nan  Taiwan
1981 Valley Golf & Country Club Tom Sieckmann  United States
1980 Wack Wack G&CC Lu Hsi-chuen  Taiwan
1979 Wack Wack G&CC Ben Arda  Philippines
1978 Wack Wack G&CC Lu Liang-Huan  Taiwan
1977 Wack Wack G&CC Hsieh Yung-yo  Taiwan
1976 Wack Wack G&CC Qiuntin Mancao  Philippines
1975 Valley Golf & Country Club Kuo Chie-Hsiung  Taiwan
1974 Wack Wack G&CC Lu Liang-Huan  Taiwan
1973 Wack Wack G&CC King Seung Hak  South Korea
1972 Wack Wack G&CC Hideyo Sugimoto  Japan
1971 Wack Wack G&CC Chen Chieng Chung  Taiwan
1970 Wack Wack G&CC Hsieh Yung-yo  Taiwan
1969 Wack Wack G&CC Haruo Yasuda  Japan
1968 Wack Wack G&CC Hsu Chi San  Taiwan
1967 Wack Wack G&CC Hsu Sheng-san (Am)  Taiwan
1966 Wack Wack G&CC Luis Silverio (Am)  Philippines
1965 Wack Wack G&CC Lu Liang-Huan  Taiwan
1964 Wack Wack G&CC Peter Thomson  Australia
1963 Wack Wack G&CC Ben Arda  Philippines
1962 Wack Wack G&CC Celestino Tugot  Philippines
1961 Wack Wack G&CC Ben Arda  Philippines
1960 Wack Wack G&CC Frank Phillips  Australia
1959 Bruce Crampton  Australia
1958 Celestino Tugot  Philippines
1957 Celestino Tugot  Philippines
1956 Celestino Tugot  Philippines
1955 Celestino Tugot  Philippines
1954 Larry Montes  Philippines
1953 Larry Montes  Philippines
1952 Lloyd Mangrum  United States
1951 Larry Montes  Philippines
1950 Ed Oliver  United States
1949 Celestino Tugot  Philippines
1948 Larry Montes  Philippines
1945-47 No tournament
1944 Larry Montes  Philippines
1943 Larry Montes  Philippines
1942 Larry Montes  Philippines
1941 Larry Montes  Philippines
1940 Harold "Jug" McSpaden  United States
1939 Norman Von Nida  Australia
1938 Norman Von Nida  Australia
1937 Larry Montes  Philippines
1936 Larry Montes  Philippines
1935 Guillermo A. Navaja  Philippines
1934 Manila GC Casiano Decena  Philippines
1933 Manila GC Sidney Baxter  United States
1932 Manila GC Larry Montes  Philippines
1930-31 No tournament
1929 Manila GC Larry Montes  Philippines
1928 Manila GC J.S. Moore (Am)  United States
1927 Manila GC J.R.H. Mason (Am)  United States
1926 Manila GC E.L. Benedict (Am)  United States
1925 Manila GC W.J. Jameson (Am)  United States
1924 Manila GC G.M. Ivory (Am)  United States
1923 Manila GC E.A. Noyes (Am)  United States
1922 Manila GC Walter Z. Smith (Am)  United States
1921 Manila GC J.R.H. Mason (Am)  United States
1920 Manila GC Ian Collier Trotter MacGregor (Am)  Scotland
1919 Manila GC Ian Collier Trotter MacGregor (Am)  Scotland
1918 Manila GC J.R.H. Mason (Am)  United States
1917 Manila GC W. Young (Am)  United States
1916 Manila GC Johnny Grieve (Am)  United States
1915 Manila GC W.J. Adams (Am)  United States
1914 Manila GC J.R.H. Mason (Am)  United States
1913 Manila GC J.R.H. Mason (Am)  United States

Multiple winners

The players who have won the Philippine Open more than once are the following:

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