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Roadburn Festival

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Title: Roadburn Festival  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Tilburg, Sleep (band), The Obsessed, Godflesh, John Garcia (singer), Saint Vitus (band), Goatsnake, Justin Broadrick, Pelican (band), Yob (band)
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Roadburn Festival

Location(s) Tilburg, Netherlands
Years active 1995–present
Date(s) April
Genre Rock
stoner rock
doom metal
sludge metal
progressive metal
progressive rock
black metal

Roadburn Festival is an annual international rock festival in Tilburg in the Netherlands held since 1995.

Roadburn Festival billings

2014 edition

The 2014 edition of Roadburn will take place Thursday, April 10th to Sunday, April 13th, 2014.

The main headliner of this edition will be Loop.

Pre-Sales Party (Friday, October 11 2013)

  • Sardonis
  • New Keepers Of The Water Towers

Thursday, April 10

  • Buzzov•en
  • Crowbar
  • Napalm Death (special setlist)
  • Sourvein
  • Bong
  • KEN Mode
  • Brutus
  • Freedom Hawk
  • Corrections House
  • ASG
  • Anciients
  • Lord Dying
  • Locrian
  • The Shrine
  • Graves at Sea
  • 40 Watt Sun
  • The Cult of Dom Keller
  • The Great Old Ones
  • Whitehorse
  • Hull
  • Regarde les hommes tomber
  • Beastmilk
  • The Oath
  • Samothrace (playing Reverence To Stone in its entirety)

Friday, April 11

Saturday, April 12

  • Loop
  • Yob (playing The Great Cessation in its entirety)
  • Inter Arma
  • The Heads feat. John McBain
  • Old Man Gloom
  • Momentum
  • 16
  • Windhand
  • H A R K
  • Mansion
  • 11 Paranoias
  • Horse Latitudes
  • A Storm of Light
  • Tribulation
  • Monster Truck
  • E-musikgruppe Lux Ohr
  • Gozu
  • Noothgrush
  • The Vintage Caravan
  • Papir
  • Glitter Wizard
  • True Widow
  • Carlton Melton
  • Sula Bassana
  • Age of Taurus

Sunday, April 13 : Afterburner

  • Triptykon
  • Yob
  • The Heads feat. John McBain vs Carlton Melton
  • Papir meets Electric Moon : The Papermoon Sessions
  • Aqua Nebula Oscillator
  • New Keepers Of The Water Towers
  • Lumerians
  • The Body
  • Morne
  • Bölzer

2013 edition

The event took place in Tilburg from Thursday, April 18th to Sunday, April 21st, 2013.

Pre-Sales Party (Thursday, October 4 2012)

  • Switchblade
  • Bunkur

Thursday, April 18

Friday, April 19 : Jus Oborn's The Electric Acid Orgy

master classes and performance clinics

The Electric Grindhouse Cinema

  • Void Ov Voices
  • Shazzula
  • Aderlating
  • Nicklas Barker

Saturday, April 20

  • Godflesh (playing Pure in its entirety)
  • Die Kreuzen
  • Endless Boogie
  • High on Fire
  • Cult of Luna
  • Alcest (playing Les Voyages de L’âme in its entirety)
  • The Ocean
  • Asphyx (special death/doom set)
  • Satan's Satyrs (tribute to Blue Cheer)
  • Elder
  • A Forest of Stars (playing A Shadowplay for Yesterdays in its entirety)
  • Antisect
  • The Ruins of Beverast
  • Black Magician
  • Process of Guilt
  • My Brother The Wind
  • Ash Borer
  • Jess and the Ancient Ones
  • Victor Griffin's In-Graved
  • Camera
  • Monomyth
  • The Cosmic Dead
  • Mr. Peter Hayden
  • Teeth of the Sea
  • Lo!
  • Wo Fat
  • Raketkanon
  • Fell Voices
  • Pet the Preacher
  • Duncan Evans
  • GOLD (Official "Roadburn Festival Introduces..." showcase)

Sunday, April 21 : Afterburner

2012 edition

The event took place in Tilburg from April 12 to 15 at 013 and Het Patronaat.

It was sold out in 7 minutes.

Thursday, April 12

Friday, April 13 (013) : Voivod's Au-delà du Réel

The name of this event refers to Voivod's favorite sci-fi show Au-delà du réel.

Friday, April 13 (Het Patronaat) : Roadburn Festival 2012

Saturday, April 14

Sunday, April 15: Afterburner

  • Coroner
  • Black Cobra
  • YOB (playing Catharsis in its entirety)
  • Bongripper (2nd set, playing Satan Worshipping Doom in its entirety)
  • Internal Void
  • The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation
  • Bong
  • Fleshpress
  • Dragged Into Sunlight
  • Atlantis
  • Urfaust
  • Electric Orange

2011 edition

The event took place in Tilburg from April 14 to 17 at 013 and Midi Theatre.

It was sold out in 17 minutes.

Thursday, April 14

Buzzov*en cancelled their European tour including their Roadburn appearance.

Friday, April 15

Saturday, April 16

Yob (supposed to play The Unreal Never Lived in its entirety) cancelled their appearance in January 2011.

Sunday, April 17: Afterburner

For the first time the main stage of the 013 complex is used for the Afterburner.

2010 edition

The event took place in Tilburg, at 013 and, for the first time, at the Midi Theatre.

It was sold-out in 30 minutes.

This edition suffered from the air travel disruption on Northern Europe due to the ash cloud from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Several bands had to cancelled, some others played twice to step in.

Thursday, April 15

Friday, April 16: Tom G Warrior’s Only Death is Real

Serpentcult cancelled their appearance at Only Death is Real.

Due to the closure of the North European airspace, Jesu and Evoken also cancelled.

Saturday, April 17

Due to the closure of the North European airspace, Candlemass (who was supposed to give a special set with both singers Robert Lowe and Johan Längqvist), Shrinebuilder, The Gates of Slumber, Yakuza and Black Math Horseman cancelled their appearance.

Sunday, April 18: Afterburner

Soilent Green cancelled their appearance at Afterburner.

Due to the closure of the North European airspace, Outlaw Order, Sourvein, Dixie Witch and House of Broken Promises also cancelled.

2009 edition

The event took place in Tilburg, at 013 and another venue called V39 used for the first time.

It was sold-out in 45 minutes.

Thursday, April 23

Friday, April 24

Saturday, April 25 - Neurosis presents "Beyond The Pale"

Sunday, April 26: Afterburner

2008 edition

The event took place in Tilburg, at the 013.

Thursday, April 17: Pre-Heat / Rise Above Records 20th Anniversary

Friday, April 18

Saturday, April 19

Celtic Frost cancelled and were replaced by Enslaved.

Sunday, April 20

David Tibet's Roadburn Festival


2007 edition

The event took place in Tilburg, at the 013.

Friday, April 20

Saturday, April 21

Sunday, April 22: Afterburner

2006 edition

This event took place in Tilburg at 013.

Friday, April 21

  • Astrosoniq
  • End of Level Boss
  • Spaceship Landing
  • Toner Low

Saturday, April 22

2005 edition

This event took place in Tilburg, at 013.

Saturday, April 9

2004 edition

This event took place in Eindhoven, at Effenaar.

Thursday, June 17

2003 edition

This event took place in Eindhoven, at Effenaar.

Thursday, June 27

2002 edition

2001 edition

This event took place in Tilburg, at 013.

Tuesday, December 4

2000 edition

1999 edition


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