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Route 140 (Massachusetts)

Route 140
Alfred M. Bessette Memorial Highway
;">Route information
Maintained by MassDOT
;">Major junctions
South end: New Bedford
North end: Winchendon
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Massachusetts State Highway Routes

Route 140 is a 107.8-mile (173.5 km) long state highway which passes through parts of southeastern and central Massachusetts. The highway follows a southeast-northwest trajectory, running from U.S. Route 6 in New Bedford just north of Buzzards Bay northwest to an intersection with Massachusetts Route 12 in Winchendon, a few miles south of the border with New Hampshire.[1]

The southern 19 miles (30 km) of Route 140 runs as a freeway between New Bedford and Taunton south from exit 12 off Route 24 to its southern terminus at US-6.

Route description

New Bedford to Taunton

Route 140 begins at an intersection with US Route 6 (Kempton Street) and Brownell Avenue in Downtown New Bedford. This intersection is signed as Exit 1 when traveling southbound on Route 140, but the exit number has no meaning when traveling northbound. About a mile north, Route 140 comes to its first interchange, a cloverleaf with Interstate 195, which connects Providence to Cape Cod. Route 140 then curves slightly to the right to avoid New Bedford Regional Airport, which is accessible from the Hathaway Road exit (#3). Route 140 eventually leaves New Bedford and enters East Freetown, providing an exit that drops off near the center of the village. Route 140 then runs parallel to Long Pond before curving slightly west. The freeway section of Route 140 ends a few miles north at Exit 12, which is for Route 24. Meanwhile, Route 140 runs along County Street towards downtown Taunton.

Taunton to Wrentham

From the final interchange with MA-24 in Taunton, Route 140 extends northwest towards Taunton Center, having a brief conjuncture with US-44, just east of Taunton Center. As the two proceed to Taunton Green, a rotary begins with MA-140, US-44, and MA-138. Route 140 splits off from the rotary, bypassing Bristol County Courthouse. Route 140 brings its way through the northwest portion of Taunton, into Norton, past Wheaton College, and sharing a brief junction with MA-123. As Route 140 crosses the border from Norton to Mansfield, the Comcast Center is passed, followed by I-495. Route 140 shares a brief stretch of highway interchange with I-495, as the route then splits off and heads north through Mansfield Center and a junction with MA-106. Route 140 crosses into Foxboro, bearing an interchange with I-95, and further north a junction with US-1 North, with the US-1 South exit being another mile up the road in Wrentham. Route 140 loops through Wrentham Center, sharing a junction with MA-1A, and past King Philip Regional High School, into Franklin.

Franklin to Upton

Route 140 enters Franklin from Wrentham, passing through Franklin Center, consisting of Dean College and Franklin/Dean College Station of the Franklin Commuter Rail line. Route 140 bypasses Franklin High School, and enters its second interchange with I-495 and also the second junction of the Franklin Commuter Rail line, at Forge Park/495 station, the final stop on the line. At this point, Route 140 extends west and heads into Bellingham. Route 140 spends a brief time in Bellingham, sharing a brief concurrence with MA-126, which extends north to I-495, and south into Woonsocket, Rhode Island. As Route 140 exits Bellingham, the road sharply turns north into the eastern edges of Mendon and Hopedale for a total of nearly three miles. Route 140 then enters Milford in a northwest trajectory, staying parallel to the Milford/Hopedale border for the routes duration in Milford. Route 140 enters a junction at Milford Regional Medical Center with MA-16, which leads westbound into Mendon and Hopedale Center, and eastbound to MA-85 and MA-109, both with terminations at Route 16, and interchanges with I-495. Route 140 enters a final small portion of Hopedale, then proceeds into the eastern part of Upton, passing through Upton Center and bypassing both Blackstone Valley Regional Technical High School and Nipmuc Regional High School.

Grafton to West Boylston

Route 140 enters Grafton through the southeast, proceeding north and sharply turning west into Grafton Center and the town common. Route 140 bears right, northward, down a mile long hill that ends at a traffic light that begins a 1.5 mile concurrency with MA-122. Routes 140 and 122 proceed north through North Grafton, passing under the Mass Pike. Immediately after crossing under the Mass Pike, Route 122 splits off to west towards Millbury and Worcester, while Route 140 begins a concurrency with the western terminus of MA-30, and heads towards Shrewsbury. The concurrency with Route 30 is a quarter-mile long, as Route 30 splits east towards Grafton Station of the Framingham/Worcester Line MBTA Commuter Rail line, Tufts Animal Hospital, and the town of Westboro. As Route 140 enters Shrewsbury, meets with US-20 at an overpass. Two miles later, Route 140 meets MA-9 at an underpass. Route 9 West serves as the main road into Worcester from Shrewsbury and Northboro, while eastbound heads in the direction of Westboro and towards I-495. Route 140 extends north into Shrewsbury Center, and shares an interchange with I-290 at the northern edge of town. Just north of the interchange, Route 140 enters Boylston, where it meets MA-70. After Route 70, the Wachusett Reservoir is seen, and Route 140 continues northwest into West Boylston, where in the center of town begins a brief concurrency with MA-12. The two extend north for one mile, as Route 12 splits north in the direction of Sterling and Clinton, following the western terminus of MA-110, and Route 140 extends northwest into the western portion of Sterling.

Sterling to Winchendon

As Route 140 enters Sterling, there is an interchange with I-190 which serves as the main source of transportation between Worcester to the South and Fitchburg to the North. Route 140 travels northwest to an intersection with MA-62 right before entering Princeton, home to Wachusett Mountain. Route 140 then joins a concurrency with MA-31 for a mile and a half, before crossing into Westminster and next to Wachusett Lake. Route 140 then meets MA-2 and MA-2A at an overpass. Routes 2 and 2A run parallel with each other between Greenfield and Boston. Route 140 joins Route 2 Westbound for one exit, leaving the highway at Exit 24B. Route 140 shortly extends into Gardner. Route 140 meets with MA-101, before extending six and a half miles into Winchendon where Route 140 ends at an intersection with MA-12. Route 12 extends northwest towards Fitzwilliam and US-202, which extends south to Templeton and north to Rindge, while Route 12 moves south to Ashburnham.

Junction list

Exit list (Alfred M. Bessette Memorial Highway)

The New Bedford Expressway has 12 numbered interchanges. The southbound intersection with U.S. Route 6, despite being an at-grade intersection, is signed as Exit 1 on the overhead guide sign. The I-195 interchange was formerly signed as Exits 2E and 2W, but have been resigned as Exits 2A and 2B. Likewise, the interchange with Route 24 formerly signed Exits 12N and 12S are now signed as Exits 12A and 12B.[2]

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Junction list (north of freeway)

Major Highway Improvements

The section of Route 140 was Widened to 4 Lanes and Realigned in Franklin. The $22 Million Project was Completed in 2007. In fall 2011, the ramp got finished from 140 to 495 South at 495s exit 17.

MA-79 Truck

MA-140 runs partially concurrent with MA-79 Truck. It is signed from Exit 10 (MA-79) to Exit 12. At Exit 12 it runs onto MA-24 where it meets its parent at Exit 9.


Prior to the building of the freeway section, County Street (the section of road beginning at the Taunton River, and also known as County Road) brought the road southward through East Taunton, Berkley, Lakeville and East Freetown. The road, which runs parallel to the freeway and crosses it in Lakeville, merged with Route 18 in East Freetown, just north of the New Bedford city limits. The old alignment begins in front of the Silver City Galleria in Taunton.


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County Location Mile Roads intersected Notes
Bristol Taunton 19.0 Template:Jct/extra Route 24 Northern end of freeway; Route 24 Exit 12.
22.0 Template:Jct/extra US 44 east Eastern terminus of US 44/Route 140 concurrency
22.3 Template:Jct/extra US 44 west / Route 138 Western terminus of US 44/Route 140 concurrency
Norton 29.9 Template:Jct/extra Route 123 to I-495 south Brief concurrency with Route 123
Mansfield 33.4 Template:Jct/extra I-495 Brief concurrency with I-495 (Exits 11-12); No access from Route 140 South to I-495 North (use MA-123 east to I-495 south)
35.4 Template:Jct/extra Route 106
Norfolk Foxborough 36.5 Template:Jct/extra I-95 to I-495 I-95 Exits 7A-B; Cloverleaf interchange
40.0 Template:Jct/extra To US 1 (Boston-Providence Turnpike) / South Street / Main Street
40.3 Template:Jct/extra Route 115 north Southern terminus of Route 115.
Wrentham 43.0 Template:Jct/extra Route 1A to Route 121
Franklin 49.0 Template:Jct/extra I-495 I-495 Exit 17
Bellingham 51.6 Template:Jct/extra Route 126 to I-495 Brief concurrency with Route 126
Worcester Milford 56.4 Template:Jct/extra Route 16
Grafton 67.8 Template:Jct/extra Route 122 south Southern terminus of Route 122/140 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra I-90 (Mass Pike) No access between I-90 and Route 122/140.
69.2 Template:Jct/extra Route 122 north to I-90 (Mass Pike) Northern terminus of Route 122/140 concurrency
69.5 Template:Jct/extra Route 30 east Western terminus of Route 30
Shrewsbury 70.9 Template:Jct/extra US 20 (Hartford Turnpike) Interchange
72.7 Template:Jct/extra To Route 9 (Boston-Worchester Turnpike) / Grafton Street
75.9 Template:Jct/extra I-290 I-290 Exits 23A-B; Cloverleaf interchange
Boylston 77.8 Template:Jct/extra Route 70
West Boylston 80.7 Template:Jct/extra Route 12 south Southern terminus of Route 12/140 concurrency
81.5 Template:Jct/extra Route 12 north to Route 110 Northern terminus of Route 12/140 concurrency
Sterling 83.9 Template:Jct/extra I-190 I-190 Exit 5
86.2 Template:Jct/extra Route 62
Princeton 89.7 Template:Jct/extra Route 31 south Southern terminus of Route 31/140 concurrency
91.4 Template:Jct/extra Route 31 north Northern terminus of Route 31/140 concurrency.\
Westminster 95.5 Template:Jct/extra Route 2 east / Route 2A Brief concurrency with Route 2A; Route 140 North joins the Route 2 freeway westbound at Exit 25.\
97.5 Template:Jct/extra Route 2 west Route 140 North leaves the Route 2 freeway westbound at Exit 24B (Exit 24 eastbound).\
Gardner 100.3 Template:Jct/extra Route 101
Winchendon 107.76 Template:Jct/extra Route 12 to US 202 Northern terminus of Route 140.
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