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Slovak hip hop

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Title: Slovak hip hop  
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Subject: European hip hop, Albanian hip hop, Middle Eastern hip hop, Burmese hip hop, Gambian hip hop
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Slovak hip hop

Slovak hip hop is said to have begun in 1988. The first rap release in Slovakia was done by Rap Steady Crew from Košice in 1993, followed by Jednotka slovenskej starostlivosti (JSS) with their album Kompromis in 1997 as well as the duo Trosky releasing their record. Long-running crews are Lúza and Drvivá Menšina, who perform together as Názov Stavby with DJ Hajtkovič. Vec, formerly of the seminal duo Trosky, is considered by many today to be the most influential figure within hip hop music in Slovakia, although newer acts such as A.M.O, MC Vrabec, Čistychov, Kontrafakt have also gained significant popularity since 2003. Slovak hip hop is considered to start becoming popular when Kontrafakt releases their first video "Dáva mi" in 2003 and it topped many video charts in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Kontrafakt's platinum debut album E.R.A. (also with albums Reč Naša by Názov Stavby and Trosky by Trosky) is considered to be one of the albums with the "classic" status.

The most controversial and prominent Slovak rapper and singer Rytmus is among the best selling artists in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with some of his music videos reaching more than one million views.[1]

Nearly all Slovak hip hop artists rap in Slovak and often collaborate with Czech PSH, DJ Wich, Polish WWO and Russian P-13 artists.


  • Zvuk Ulice (Old School)
  • Názov Stavby
  • Kontrafakt
  • 4D
  • Druhá Strana
  • Zlá Strava
  • L.Ú.Z.A.
  • H16
  • 2H+
  • Drvivá Menšina
  • Stanica Projekt
  • Gramo Rokkaz
  • Rytmus
  • Čistychov
  • Kaidžas (KajO)
  • Majk Spirit
  • Kali
  • Separ
  • Momo
  • Vladis
  • DMS
  • Miky Mora
  • DNA
  • Moloch Vlavo (Denisovan)
  • Suvereno
  • Boy Wonder
  • Dramatikz
  • Torula
  • A.M.O.
  • Radikal
  • SEdláci
  • Moja Reč
  • Impulz
  • Plexo
  • Strapo
  • Decko
  • Bacil
  • Rendezska.Sk
  • Tragikomix
  • N2H
  • Pery Bonano
  • Otecko
  • J.S.S. (Jednotka Slovenskej Starostlivosti)
  • Turbo Boost
  • A.D.
  • Predstava
  • Modré Hory
  • Opak
  • ADK
  • Naša Masa
  • Taupo Braf
  • Ťažké Czinky
  • Shomi
  • Majself
  • Rakby
  • L.U.G.E.R.
  • Osma
  • Delik
  • Lúzer
  • Fako
  • Dice
  • Bene
  • Zverina
  • Vec
  • Tono S
  • Danosť
  • Mc Kuna (Sociopat Kuna)
  • Gibon
  • Straňanský Rosy
  • Kruscifix
  • 2jazVás
  • Mater
  • Gamba
  • Enkláva
  • Skutek
  • Slavoj
  • Jedno Agresívne Oko (Agresor Lotor, Rétos)
  • Úplný Konec
  • Obrana Sídliska
  • Elpe
  • Seky & Gary
  • Mišo Biely (R&B)
  • Palky


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