Total Carp

Total Carp
Editor Marc Coulson
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 21,000
Company David Hall Publishing Ltd
Country United Kingdom
Based in Daventry, UK
Language English
Website .com.totalcarpmagazinewww

Total Carp is a magazine published in the UK by David Hall Publishing Ltd (Editor Marc Coulson), containing mostly articles of interest to carp fishermen.

The Complete History Of Total Carp Magazine

To understand the complete history of Total Carp, the world's biggest-selling carp fishing magazine, you have to travel back in time to 1996 when Jim Foster first joined DHP as deputy editor of Catchmore Carp.

DHP bought Catchmore Carp from its previous owner and publisher Tim Hodges, who stayed on board as editor for a short period. The aim was to develop it into a top-selling title that would rival the likes of Advanced Carp Fishing and Carpworld, the most successful carp titles in that sector of publishing at the time.

There was a problem, though. Catchmore Carp was a failing title when DHP purchased it. Sales prior to DHP acquiring Catchmore in 1996 were not great and the magazine had a poor reputation among its target readership.

So in 1999 the magazine relaunched as Total Carp and all set goals were achieved in the first three years of the magazine's existence. Jim still remembers the day that Simon McKeown, DHP's circulation manager at the time, came into the office and congratulated him. Jim asked what the congratulations were for, and Simon said that Total Carp had sold more than 20,000 copies in a month for the first time. It was the first carp magazine ever to do this.

In 2003, Jim's time as editor of TC was over and Marc Coulson took the reins. Under his focused leadership the magazine has continued to grow and get better still. Now it is bigger than ever (196 pages long in peak months) and has a current accredited ABC circulation of 22,524 copies sold every month. This figure, thanks to the efforts of Marc and his team, is nearly 5,000 copies per month (27 per cent) higher than it was in 2003.

The philosophy behind the production of TC remains the same now. DHP was once paid a very high compliment by a magazine guru from publishing giant Emap, who said that Total Carp was 'laser targeted' at its readership. It is, and it will continue to be.

Without the efforts of all the people who've worked on the magazine over the years, TC wouldn't be what it is now - the best carp magazine

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