UK Rainfall Records

Record rainfall extremes in the UK over 200 mm in 24 hours, based on data from the British Rainfall publication, 1866-1968[1] and other sources.

Date Depth (mm) Depth (in) Location County (pre 1974)
19-11-2009 316.4 [Notes 1][2][3] 12.4 Seathwaite Farm Cumberland
18-07-1955 279.4 11.0 Martinstown (The Chantry) Dorset
28-06-1917 242.8 9.6 Bruton (Sexey’s School) Somerset
18-07-1955 241.3 9.5 Upwey (Friar Waddon) Dorset
18-08-1924 238.8 9.4 Cannington (Brymore) Somerset
17-01-1974 238.4[4] 9.4 Loch Sloy Main Adit Strathclyde
15-08-1952 228.6 9.0 Longstone Barrow Devon
18-07-1955 228.6 9.0 Upwey (Higher Well) Dorset
22-11-1908 217.9 8.6 Snowdon (Llyn Llydaw Copper Mill) Caernarvonshire
28-06-1917 215.4 8.5 Bruton (King’s School) Somerset
28-06-1917 213.1 8.4 Aisholt (Timberscombe) Somerset
11-11-1929 211.1 8.3 Rhondda (Lluest-wen Reservoir) Glamorgan
18-07-1955 211.1 8.3 Upwey (Elwell) Dorset
11-10-1916 208.3 8.2 Loch Quoich (Kinlochquoich) Inverness-shire
12-11-1897 204.0 8.0 Seathwaite Cumberland
08-06-1957 203.2 8.0 Camelford (Roughtor View) Cornwall
28-06-1917 200.7 7.9 Bruton (Pitcombe Vicarage) Somerset
18-07-1955 200.7 7.9 Wynford House Dorset
16-08-2004 200.7[4] 7.9 Otterham, near Boscastle Cornwall


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