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Wind power in Italy

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Title: Wind power in Italy  
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Subject: Wind power by country, Wind power in the European Union, Outline of Italy, Wind power in Italy, Energy in Italy
Collection: Wind Power in Italy, Wind Power in the European Union
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Wind power in Italy

Italy is the world’s seventh largest producer of wind power, with an installed nameplate capacity of 8,552 MW in 2013.[1]

The energy from the 487 active plants accounts for the 19% of the renewable energy produced in Italy in 2010.[2][3]:38 The total energy produced in 2010 was 8,787 GWh, with an increase of 29% from the previous year.[3]:45


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Wind power in Europe (end 2012)

In 2001, the European Commission issued its Directive on Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources. The Directive set a goal for Italy to obtain at least 25% of its electricity from renewables by 2010.[4] The 1999 Italian ‘White Book’ targeted to install 2,500 MW of wind power capacity by 2010; Italy exceeded this in 2007. The Italian government targeted 12,000 MW by 2020. Given that Italy's recent growth in wind power capacity has been about 30% annually, the target appears reachable by 2015.[4] Italy introduced a renewable energy quota system in 2002, and uses green certificates to ensure that power producers and importers produce specified percentages of electricity from renewables. Renewable energy under the quota system must come from new or repowered plants which began operating after April 1, 1999.[4]

Installed capacity growth

The table shows the annual increase in installed wind power capacity in recent years.[3]:39
Year Nameplate capacity Plants
MW change number change
2000 363 - 55 -
2001 664 82.92% 81 47.27%
2002 780 17.47% 99 22.22%
2003 874 12.05% 107 8.08%
2004 1,131 29.41% 120 12.15%
2005 1,639 44.92% 148 23.33%
2006 1,908 16.41% 169 14.19%
2007 2,714 42.24% 203 20.12%
2008 3,538 30.36% 242 19.21%
2009 4,898 38.44% 294 21.49%
2010 5,814 18.70% 487 65.65%
2011[5] 6,936 19.30% 807 65.71%
2012[6] 8,144 17.42%
2013[1] 8,552


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External links

  • Associazione Nazionale Energia del Vento (ANEV), the Italian Wind Energy Association
  • Il Portale italiano dell'energia del vento The Italian Web portal about wind power
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