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World Association of Psychoanalysis

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Title: World Association of Psychoanalysis  
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Subject: Psychoanalysis, Jacques Lacan, Analytical psychology, British Psychoanalytic Council, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
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World Association of Psychoanalysis

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The World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP) was launched at the initiative of Jacques-Alain Miller in Buenos Aires on 3 January 1992. It was declared in Paris, four days later, on 7 January.[1] Its statutes[2] are modelled on Jacques Lacan's "Founding Act"[3] and adopt the principles outlined in his "Proposition" on the Pass.[4]

The World Association of Psychoanalysis groups together the École de la Cause freudienne (France); the Escuela de la Orientacion Lacaniana (Argentina); the Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanalisis del Campo Freudiano (Spain); the Scuola lacaniana di psicoanalisi (Italy); the European Federation of the Schools of the WAP; the Escola Brasileira de Psicanalise (Brazil); the Nueva Escuela Lacaniana (Latin America); and the New Lacanian School.

With over 1, 500 members worldwide, the WAP stands as the largest institutional structure dedicated to the training of psychoanalysts in the Lacanian orientation.


International congresses

In 1994 and 1996, the members of the WAP met in "assemblies". Since 1998, the international meetings have taken the form of congresses.

Number Year City President Theme
1 1998 Barcelona Jacques-Alain Miller
2 2000 Buenos Aires Jacques-Alain Miller
3 2002 Brussels Jacques-Alain Miller "Training-Effects in Psychoanalysis: their Site, Causes, and Paradoxes"
4 2004 Comandatuba Graciela Brodsky "The Lacanian Practice of Psychoanalysis: without Standards but not without Principles"
5 2006 Rome Graciela Brodsky "The Name-of-the-Father; Going without it, Making Use of it"
6 2008 Buenos Aires Éric Laurent "The Objects a in the Psychoanalytic Experience"
7 2010 Paris Éric Laurent "Semblants and Sinthome"
8 2012 Buenos Aires Leonardo Gorostiza "The Symbolic Order in the Twenty-First Century: What are the Consequences for the Direction of the Treatment?"
9 2014 Paris Leonardo Gorostiza "A Real for the Twenty-First Century"

Preparatory texts for the congresses are published in Scilicet.


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