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World Draughts Federation

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Title: World Draughts Federation  
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Subject: International Sports Federations, International Kendo Federation, Ju-Jitsu International Federation, International Sepaktakraw Federation, Sports governing body
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World Draughts Federation


The Fédération Mondiale du Jeu de Dames (FMJD, World Draughts Federation) is the international body uniting national draughts federations. It was founded in 1947 by four Federations: France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Currently, the FMJD has more than 50 national federation members. Recently the FMJD has become a member of the GAISF and strives for Olympic recognition. The FMJD memberships is part of a more general movement toward integration of Mind Sports in the regular sports arena, a development that, in the vision of the FMJD, is to be lauded.

The FMJD is member of the:



  • Bénin – Fédération Béninoise de Jeu de Dames (FEBEJED)
  • Burkina Faso – Federation Burkinabe du Jeu de Dames
  • Cameroon – Federation Camerounaise de Jeu de Dames
  • Congo – Federation Congolaise du Jeu de Dames FNDA
  • Côte d'Ivoire – Federation Ivoirienne du Jeu de Dames
  • Gambia – Gambian National Draughts Federation
  • Guinea – Federation Guinéenne du Jeu de Dames et des Echecs
  • Lebanon – Federation Libanaise du Jeu de Dames (expatriot)
  • Mali – Federation Malienne du Jeu de Dames
  • Mauritania – Federation Mauritanienne du Jeu de Dames
  • Niger – Association Nigérienne du jeu de Dames
  • Senegal – Federation Senegalaise du Jeu de Dames
  • Somalia – Somali Draughts Sport Association
  • South Africa – South African Wargames Union
  • Togo – Association du jeu de Dames Togo
  • Uganda – Uganda Draughts Federation


  • Barbados – Barbados Draughts Association
  • Brazil – Confederacao Brasileira de Jogo de Damas
  • Canada – Federation Canadienne du jeu de Dames
  • Costa Rica – Asociacion Costarricense del Juego de Damas
  • Curaçao – Curaçaose Dambond
  • Dominican Republic – Federacion Dominicana de Juego de Damas
  • Grenada – Grenada Draughts Association
  • Haiti – Federation Haitienne du Jeu de Dames
  • Jamaica – Jamaica Board Games Foundation
  • Panama – Asociacion Panamena de Juego de Damas
  • Suriname – Surinaamse Dambond
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Trinidad and Tobago Draughts Association
  • USA – American Pool Checkers Association / International Checkers Association of North America


  • China – Chinese Draughts Association
  • India – Draughts Federation of India
  • Japan – Japanese draughts association
  • Kazakhstan – Draughts Federation of Kazachstan
  • Mongolia – Mongolian Federation of Draughts
  • Pakistan – Pak Draughts Federation
  • Turkmenistan – Draughts Federation of Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan – Uzbekistan Draughts Federation


Europe – (European Draught Confederation)

  • Armenia – Armenian Draughts Federation
  • Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan Draughts Federation
  • Belarus – Belarus Draughts Federation
  • Belgium – Koninklijke Belgische Dambond
  • Bulgaria – Bulgarian Draughts Federation
  • Croatia – Croatian Draughts Federation
  • Czech Republic – Ceska Federace Damy
  • England – English Draughts Association
  • Estonia – Estonian Draughts Federation
  • France – Federation francaise du jeu de dames
  • Georgia – Georgian Draughts Federation
  • Germany – Interessengemeinschaft Damespiel in Deutschland
  • Hungary – Hungary Draughts Federation
  • Israel – Israeli Draughts Federation
  • Italy – Federazione Italiana Dama
  • Latvia – Latvian Draughts Union
  • Lithuania – Lithuanian Draughts Federation
  • Moldavia – Draughts Federation of Moldavia
  • Netherlands – Koninklijke Nederlandse Dambond
  • Poland – Polish Draughts Federation
  • Portugal – Federação Portuguesa de Damas
  • Russia – The Draughts Federation of Russia
  • Slovenia – Slovene Draughts Federation
  • Switzerland – Federation Suisse du Jeu de Dames
  • Turkey – Türkiye Dama Federation
  • Ukraine – Ukrainian Draughts Federation
  • Wales – Cymdeithas Draffts Cymru

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