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World Juggling Federation

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Title: World Juggling Federation  
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Subject: Juggling, Combat (juggling), European Juggling Convention, Jason Garfield, Juggling competition
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World Juggling Federation

The World Juggling Federation (WJF) is the world's only juggling as a sport (competitive juggling).[1]


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  • Conventions and championships 3
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In 2003, the WJF was created by long-time International Jugglers' Association member, Jason Garfield. Garfield attracted interest and membership by framing the skills of juggling as a sport.[2] The federation became more widely known in 2005 when Jason bought airtime on ESPN, televising his WJF II juggling competition.


The WJF's most well-known event is the WJF convention, which has been broadcast on ESPN2. The organization encourages jugglers to compete against each other in order to get better. In WJF-sponsored events, the participants use juggling props, which include:

WJF competition events sometimes include (pending enough competitors attending):

  • Club passing
  • 360s (and similar)
  • Endurance
  • Freestyle
  • Extreme Competitions

There are "junior"-, "beginner"-, "intermediate"- and "advanced"-level competitors in each of the three main WJF disciplines.

Conventions and championships

Annual WJF conventions are held; and juggling competitions produce annual winners who are named "overall champions". At WJF 5, the top competition event ran alongside the Battle for the WJF Presidency, with Thomas Dietz as the inaugural winner, beating Jason Garfield. However, Dietz resigned from presidency soon after, saying he didn't have time to fulfill his duties as president. At WJF 7 in 2011, Doug Sayers was initially named overall champion, but due to a miscount of the scores this was proved not to be the case, as Vova had scored more points overall.

WJF Competitions
Year Event Location Competition
2004 WJF Convention Las Vegas, Nevada
2005 WJF2 Las Vegas Thomas Dietz, Overall champion[3]
2006 WJF3 Las Vegas Thomas Dietz, Overall champion[4]
2007 WJF4 Hartford, Connecticut Thomas Dietz, Overall champion[5]
2008 WJF5 Las Vegas Thomas Dietz, Overall champion.[6]
2010 WJF6 Las Vegas Doug Sayers, Overall champion.[7]
2011 WJF7 Springfield, Illinois Vova Galchenko, Overall champion[8]
2012 WJF8 Sioux Falls, South Dakota Doug Sayers, Overall champion


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