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Yugoslav Radio Television

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Title: Yugoslav Radio Television  
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Subject: European Broadcasting Union, Organizations based in Yugoslavia, JRT, 1992 disestablishments in Yugoslavia, Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Yugoslav Radio Television

The Yugoslav Radio Television (Jugoslavenska radiotelevizija or Jugoslovenska radio-televizija) or JRT was the national public broadcasting system in the SFR Yugoslavia. It consisted of eight subnational radio and television broadcast centers with each one headquartered in one of the six constituent republics and two autonomous provinces of Yugoslavia.

Each television center created its own programming independently, and some of them operated several channels. The system dissolved during the breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s when most republics became independent countries. As a result, the once subnational broadcasting centers became public broadcasters of the newly independent states, with altered names:

Federal unit HQ Established as TV launch Present-day broadcaster
SR Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo RTV Sarajevo 1969 Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT)
SR Croatia Zagreb RTV Zagreb 1956 Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT)
SR Macedonia Skopje RTV Skopje 1964 Macedonian Radio-Television (MRT)
SR Montenegro Titograd RTV Titograd 1971 Radio Television of Montenegro (RTCG)
SR Serbia Belgrade RTV Belgrade 1958 Radio Television of Serbia (RTS)
SR Slovenia Ljubljana RTV Ljubljana 1958 Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVSLO)
SAP Kosovo Priština RTV Priština 1975 Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK) (RTV Priština still exists but doesn't broadcast program)[1]
SAP Vojvodina Novi Sad RTV Novi Sad 1975 Radio Television of Vojvodina (RTV)

JRT was one of the founding members of the Yugoslavian Contest for the Eurovision Song Contest and broadcast both of events for the Yugoslav audience. JRT's news program, TV Dnevnik broadcasts on all stations today in 6 (7 if Kosovo is recognized by someone as independent) countries.

JRT TV Frequencies:

  • 1956. Zagreb 1
  • 1958. Beograd 1
  • 1958. Ljubljana 1
  • 1964. Skoplje 1
  • 1969. Sarajevo 1
  • 1970. Ljubljana 2
  • 1971. Koper- Capodistria
  • 1971. Titograd
  • 1971. Beograd 2
  • 1972. Zagreb 2
  • 1975. Novi Sad
  • 1975. Priština
  • 1977. Sarajevo 2
  • 1978. Skoplje 2
  • 1979. Split (trials; became a RTV Center of RTVZ in 1980)
  • 1988. Zagreb 3-satellite program relays (usually Super Channel and Sky Channel); full program commenced in 1989 as Z3
  • 1989. Beograd 3K-same as Zagreb 3; full program from July 1989
  • 1989. 3P Novi Sad (time-sharing with Beograd 3)
  • 1989. Sarajevo 3-same as Beograd 3K and Zagreb 3
  • 1991. Novi Sad Plus
  • 1991. Skoplje 3-same as Beograd 3K and Zagreb 3
  • 1991. Titograd 2
  • 1991. Titograd 3K-same as all third channels mentioned


  1. ^ Politika: Article about RTV Priština

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